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Summer Concert 5th July 20098 July, 2009

Our summer concert celebrated the arrival of our Blüthner Boudoir Grand Piano, bought in memory of Grace and Reg Dales.  There was a range of music to suit all tastes from Mozart to jazz!

  • Recorder Group
  • Youth Choir
  • The audience
  • String Group and Recorders
  • Reverend Amanda plays Beethoven
  • Pam and her team
  • Supper
  • Mozart Piano Quartet
  • The Rhythm Of Life
  • The choir sings Happy Birthday to Sue
  • The youngest member of the audience
  • The Rhythm of Life
  • Lizzy and Katharine
  • The Youth Choir
  • Our string players


We hold Sunday morning services at 10.30 am which last for about an hour, followed by refreshments.