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Easter 201526 April, 2015

 During Lent the Junior Church made a Lenten Cross, adding a new symbol each week. On Maundy Thursday we held a service of Holy Communion and Tenebrae. On Good Friday our annual choral service featured "St Mark's Passion" by Charles Wood. On Easter Sunday we started early with a short service followed by breakfast and then our main communion service.

  • The Lenten Cross
  • The Lenten Cross
  • Our Easter Sunday Breakfast Table
  • Golden Wedding Celebration
  • The children work on their Easter gardens
  • Positioning the route to the empty tomb
  • He is risen, Easter banner
  • Presentation by our lay chair of Elders to our Golden Wedding couple.
  • It's been a long morning!
  • The Easter gardens are shown to the congregation


We hold Sunday morning services at 10.30 am which last for about an hour, followed by refreshments.